Welcome to Global Wingfo Federation

The Global Wingfo Federation (GWF) is an international governing body of all wingfo activities. It is the headquarter or the mother body for Wingfo system of Martial Arts in the world. GWF promotes the principles & philosophy of wingfo. GWF is the centre of Wingfo Martial Art system and issues official Membership to National Association / Federations of various countries.

The administration of the sport of Wingfo is based upon the fundamental document of the rules and regulations of GWF. Thus the following activities shall be promoted by GWF: International Instructor / Coach Training course; Ranking certification; National & International events; International Referee seminar and Refresher course; International Competition and Championship; Self Defence seminar; Publication of Wingfo Martial Art materials; Research and development of the art of Wingfo.

Carate Study

Wingfo is An Eclectic Martial Art System Specialized for Close Quarter Combat (Armed & Unarmed).



Why Join Us ?

If you are tired of politics infecting Martial Arts and if you want to join an organization which offers global leadership, equality, steadiness & unity, then the ‘GWF’ is the organization for you...

Some of the benefits of GWF Membership

  • International Black Belt Rank Certification
  • International Grade Rank Certification
  • International School Certification
  • International Instructor Certification
  • Standardized Testing Procedure
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • GWF Newsletters
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