About Wingfo

The Art of Wingfo

The term “Wingfo” is derived from Pali word ‘Bodhi-pakkhiya’. (Pali is an ancient prakrit language native to the Indian subcontinent). ‘Pakkhiya’ means part; wing; side; and ‘Bodhi’ means awakening; enlightening. So ‘Wing’ is the English word corresponding to ‘pakkhiya’ and ‘Fo’ is the Chinese word corresponding to ‘bodhi’ and literally means ‘the enlightened one’. Guru (Sifu) Aniket, founder of the art, coined the term “Wingfo” – The Martial way to Enlightenment.

Wingfo has gained diverse range of acceptance because of its effectiveness. This art has been accepted into the training programs of police force, educational institutions, corporate companies, film & television academies, etc. Wingfo is not only a martial art but a complete way of life. Wingfo is meant to bring inner harmony to the practitioner who, in turn, will then be in a position to unravel physical & psychosomatic challenges.

We cannot term wingfo to be Indian or American, Chinese or Japanese. It cannot be restricted with racial, religious or geographical boundaries. It can be accepted and practiced by one and all irrespective of any religion, caste, cult, creed, sex or geographical precincts. It is the art of liberation from rudimentary mental oppression. It is a way of human evolution.

Combat Wingfo

Wingfo as the art of self defence & street survival

10 Principles of Combat wingfo

  • 1. Efficiency in all fighting ranges
  • 2. Fine, complex & gross Motor skills
  • 3. Balance & Stability
  • 4. Body of steel (physical conditioning)
  • 5. Economy of energy & motion
  • 6. Relaxation of mind & body
  • 7. Use the energy & momentum of the attacker
  • 8. Centreline attack & defence
  • 9. Science & art of vulnerable points
  • 10. Transcending the mind

Sport Wingfo

Wingfo as a combative sport

Sport Wingfo is composed of the following disciplines / sections

  • 1. Sparring
  • 2. Wingfo forms (Empty handed & weapons)
  • 3. Self Defence demonstrations
  • 4. Acrobats & techniques
  • 5. Breaking Techniques

Wingfo Saar – The essence of Wingfo

Wingfo as the art of self realization

Foundational Forms of Wingfo

Foundational Forms of Wingfo are based on the 5 elements of nature namely- Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. The earth element represents the hard and solid objects in the world which includes rocks & stones. In human body, the bones, muscles and tissues are represented by earth element. The water element represents the fluid and flowing things in the world which includes rivers and lakes. In human body, blood and other bodily fluids are related with the water element. The fire element represents the energetic and forceful things in the world which includes sun rays and other heat producing things. In human body, our metabolism, body heat and emotional anger are related with this element. The air element represents wind. In physical body, breathing and the processes related with respiration correspond to this element. The ether element represents sky (void). In human body, thoughts, creative energy and spirit correspond to this element.

Wingfo forms and meditation techniques are capable of balancing the energies of these five elements in our body. Knowledge of these elements allows the Martial artist to understand the laws of nature and to attain great health, power, wisdom and peace.

Wingfo Meditations

Contemplative meditation is an inevitable part of the art of Wingfo. It is the highest state of human consciousness. Meditation is a way which gives the practitioner a real experience and feel of full being which is beyond all habitual patterns. In the stillness and silence of meditation, the practitioner gets the glimpse of his deep inner nature which was gone astray due to mental distractions. Meditation is beyond all processes and systems. It is beyond all limitations. It is a state of absolute peace and bliss.

When a human being ceaseless lives in a meditative state, his individual consciousness (ego-consciousness) melts into the infinite consciousness (universal consciousness). Meditation gives the panorama to human beings to realize their true nature of existence. It is a way to get connected with the source of their being; the source of pure existence. Meditation is a state which leads to enlightenment.

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