Police & Armed Forces

Wingfo Martial Art for Police & Armed Forces

Sport oriented traditional styles are very stylised and ritualised forms of fighting which are not much effective in real world street violence. It will be very helpful for officers of police department & armed forces if they devote their attention and energy to reality based self defence systems that teach real world street oriented techniques.

They should posses extreme self defence techniques that are simple and useful against larger and stronger attackers. Moreover, they should be prepared to handle a multitude of criminal attacks. They must be ready to counter attacks from an emotionally disturbed person (EDPs), crazy knife attacker high on drugs or alcohol, etc.

Wingfo Martial Art system focuses on striking and controlling techniques which work effectively in real street fighting.
Wingfo was developed after refinement of effective techniques from various Martial art systems (Kung Fu, Karate, Kalaripayattu, Muay Thai & Hapkido) by extensive scientific research on the basis of psychology, philosophy and practicality.


Joint locking techniques that efficiently leads to immediate arrest and control

Striking techniques to stop the attacker’s aggressive actions and to gain control

Fighting multiple attackers, stick & knife defence techniques are very essential in to counter street violence

Promotes physical & emotional health of officers through physical and mental conditioning

Reduces Stress & Anxiety which is one of the biggest problems for police officers that can cause mistakes, violent tendencies or other issues

Beneficial to the mind through the emphasis on controlling one’s thoughts, breathing, meditation, and muscle memory involved in executing more complex movements

It prepares the defence personnel for unexpected off-duty encounters

Helps to develop inner strength and confidence

Improves flexibility, agility, speed, reflexes & mind-body coordination

Effective ways to avoid and counter weapon attacks

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